Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

What is EDI?

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is the result of strategies, practices, actions, and measures that help create cultures and environments that are equitable, inclusive, safe, and healthy for everyone. By focusing on diverse talents and viewpoints and promoting attraction, accessibility, and representation of all people (including underrepresented groups), its role is to enhance the performance and adaptability of organizations.

Three areas of intervention

Strategic positioning

  • Establishment of an EDI objective and process for the executive team (facilitating exercises to promote reflection, awareness, priority, alignment, and engagement)
  • Development of EDI reference documents (statement, policy, strategic planning, etc.)
  • Guidance in the strategy to incorporate EDI into all organizational practices (recruiting, interviews, performance management, succession, recognition, communication, marketing, etc.)
  • EDI inventory/organizational maturity based on internal and external monitoring (maturity assessment, review of available data, discussion groups, interviews, surveys, etc.)
  • Consulting and support of the executive team to implement EDI action plans, tools, and the conditions for success to ensure cultural change

Cultural shift within the organization

  • Support in the development of the EDI strategy and action plan (ensuring the conditions for success, dashboard, deployment of the policy, annual calendar of activities, etc.)
  • Review of corporate processes, policies, and practices (HR, management, communication, etc.)
  • Consulting and support in the management of cultural change with respect to EDI, including establishing committees and preparing leaders to become ambassadors and allies
  • Individualized support to EDI leaders to coach them through initiatives that promote the shift toward a more inclusive culture

Tactical intervention

  • Equity and inclusion of diversity presentations
  • INCLUSION virtual development path
  • EDI-oriented coaching
  • Workshops to raise awareness, develop, and discuss offered to: 
    – Managers (e.g., inclusive leadership, decision-making, inclusive meetings)
    – HR (e.g., inclusive interviews, counteracting the effects of bias and privilege in promotion and succession processes, helping managers develop more inclusive approaches)
    – Those tasked with implementing EDI processes (HR, communications, EDI, ESG, etc.)
    – All members of the organization (e.g., career growth for women, the gifts and challenges of neurodiversity, intergenerational cohabitation, fostering inclusivity)

Taking on the EDI challenge

Contact our EDI experts to schedule a preliminary meeting. They will guide you through the implementation of Equity and Inclusion of Diversity practices within your organization.

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