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Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Plan or implement inclusive initiatives and embark on a cultural shift to make your organization more viable, diverse, and attractive.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: vital to organizational change

We help organizations create and maintain an inclusive culture, where everyone can harness their full potential.

Bring about long-term change in the workplace

We help organizations navigate their cultural shift by:  

Embrace a culture of inclusion and belonging

Tailored to your needs, our EDI approach centres around three main areas of intervention:

Strategic positioning

Cultural shift

Special interventions

Build an inclusive culture with customized support

Drawing on its expertise in equity and inclusion of diversity (EDI), our team can help your organization jumpstart its cultural shift to become more viable and inclusive. Founded on EDI best practices, we offer the following solutions:


- Status of the organization in terms of EDI – Equity, diversity, and inclusion maturity
- Reference documents (statement or policy)
- Conditions for success (leadership alignment – internal committees – incorporation into the global strategy – etc.)
- Transformation strategy to create an inclusive culture
- EDI action plan
- Strategic objectives and targets


- Detailed action and change management plans with objectives, people in charge, timelines, and indicators
- KPI dashboard
- Developed initiatives
- Confirmed and established committees


- Engagement, mobilization, and communication strategies
- Support and coaching
- Information, awareness, and engagement workshops and talks on topics such as EDI, leadership, inclusive management, and bias
- Development path on basic EDI concepts and attitudes
- Annual calendar of activities

Fortify your EDI efforts with our INCLUSION development path

More than online learning, this virtual development path addresses the major challenges many organizations face.

Combining micro-learning and development activities, it is designed with the business realities of learners in mind.

Stimulating and ready-to-use content to help your employees better understand the efforts your organization is undertaking in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:
Driving Change

Taking on the EDI challenge

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