Hybrid and remote work

Work better together, apart.

As you and your organization move towards a distributed – such as remote or hybrid – workplace, building trust and collaboration between leaders and the members of their team has become increasingly challenging. Teamed up with 
Work EvOHlution, we specialize in increasing performance and engagement in your remote or hybrid workplace.

Work EvOHlution brings a niche and timely expertise to help remote cultures thrive.
By teaming up with Work EvOHlution, we now provide an innovative, evidence-based suite of psychometric assessments and development offerings for remote leadership as well as employee, team, and culture development.

Empower Leaders

Support managers who are seeking
to build trust and improve communication
with their remote team.

Support Teams and Employees

Develop the skills needed to become
a distributed workplace while maintaining collaboration, productivity and engagement.

Maintain Culture

Establish a distributed workplace
where people feel connected without losing key aspects of
your organisation's culture.

Solutions are not one-size-fits-all, because organizations are not

We tailor our approach according to your organization’s
distributed workplace context.

Take the pulse of your organizational needs, culture, and context
We assess and target the main challenges you and your organization are facing and propose a course of action to improve organizational performance.
Understand your workplace and hybrid culture
Select from our comprehensive toolkit of assessments including the Distributed Leader Profiler, the Distributed Team Diagnostic and the Distributed Work Profiler to identify, understand, and leverage the strengths and opportunities for improvement in your organization.
Improve remote work productivity and engagement
Implement a hands-on solution using a variety of facilitation tools, such as one-on-one coaching, workshops, and advisory meetings to improve and support remote and hybrid performance.
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tailored to your organization

Founded on best practices and evidence-based research, our solutions enhance employee engagement and performance in distributed work environments.

Ensure a smooth transition to a hybrid workplace model, based on our organizational psychology and strategic planning expertise.

Teach leaders to successfully manage dispersed teams by assessing their strengths and development needs for leading remotely.

Develop high performance distributed or global teams by improving trust, communication, and accountability.

Assess employee’s personality fit with remote work to improve their productivity and engagement.

Group or individual coaching helps improve their remote work productivity and engagement.

Customized to appeal to a variety of audiences, our training – remotely or in person –  focuses on common challenges in the distributed workplace for a comprehensive learning experience.

Looking for an online solution
for your leaders?

Comprised of development activities in the workplace and microlearning, 
our development paths are designed to increase retention among coaching participants 
and drive lasting behavioural change.


Remote Leadership Fundamentals

Equip your leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to establish an engaged, productive, and healthy remote or hybrid workplace.


Remote Work Fundamentals

 Equip your employees with the necessary knowledge and tools to establish an engaged, productive, and healthy remote or distributed workplace.

A team of experts in remote work

Experts in distributed work since 2014,
Work EvOHlution's team have developed cutting-edge assessments, coaching,
and custom training to drive success in contexts of remote work.

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