Work EvOHlution™

Are your leaders struggling with managing their teams from a distance?

Are your teams finding it harder to stay productive and engaged while working remotely?

Work better together, apart.

As we move towards a hybrid workplace,
team collaboration and trust building between leaders and team members has become increasingly challenging.

Work EvOHlution specializes in increasing performance and engagement in your remote or hybrid workplace.

Thrive from a distance with
Work EvOHlution

Solutions offered by Work EvOHlution:

Distributed Leader Profiler

Develop leaders to successfully manage dispersed teams by assessing strengths and development needs for leading from a distance.

Distributed Team Diagnostic

Develop high performance distributed or global teams to improve trust, communication, and accountability.

Distributed Work Profiler

Assess personality fit with remote work to help your people improve their  productivity and engagement.

Group or 1:1 Coaching

Group training or 1:1 coaching to help your people improve their remote work productivity and engagement.

Solutions are not one-size-fits-all, because organizations are not

Work EvOHlution tailors their services to the context of an organization when it comes to remote or hybrid workplace:

  1. Start with an in-depth conversation about needs and context
  2. Target important organizational challenges and choose the appropriate solutions to fit the needs
  3. Implement the chosen solutions, such as evaluations, webinars, talks or other tools

A team of experts in remote work

Work EvOHlution has specialized in distributed work since 2014, offering cutting-edge assessments, coaching, and training to drive remote work success​.

Teaming up for cutting-edge and innovative workplace success

On January 19, 2021, Humance announced the acquisition of Work EvOHlution, an organizational psychology firm specializing in remote work, and the Leadership Success Group, also an organizational psychology firm, both located in Calgary, Alberta.

Since the onset of COVID-19, most organizations have had to quickly adapt to remote work, and many will remain flexible or “hybrid” to some degree post-pandemic.

By teaming up with Work EvOHlution, Humance will be offering its clients an innovative, evidence-based suite of psychometric assessments and development offerings for remote leadership as well as employee, team, and culture development.

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