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Creativity and innovation

Foster engagement within your team thanks to our expertise in creativity and innovation.

Are you looking to build an innovative, creative, and agile work environment with a committed team?

Build an innovative, creative, and reimagined workspace.

Work environments are organic and constantly evolving. They must be reinvented and adapted to a constantly changing world.

Smart connection is fostered by creativity and true communication, which leads to extraordinary experiences.

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InnoveLab promotes creativity, innovation, and collaboration in business settings.

As organic environments that are constantly evolving, workplaces have to be agile and ready to adapt to an ever-changing world. Together, creativity and true communication foster intelligent connections and lead to extraordinary adventures.

Three key aspirations to build tomorrow's businesses:

Training • Support • Coaching

Because your needs are unique, and in order to best meet them, evolutionary paths have been created. They are offered in person, online, or in a hybrid format.


At Zen Lab, productivity comes first and foremost through well-being at work.
This is your space for personal exploration where you can dig deep and find a new state of mind to discover new ways of thinking.
Training programs:

- Stress management
- Mindfulness at work
- Zen walk
- Prioritize your priorities


When teams and leaders work together in the Créa Lab, anything is possible.
This is where innovative and creative ideas flourish and where energy flows.

Training programs: ​

​- Creative problem-solving ​
- Creative leadership ​
- Team building


This is the real innovation zone where ideas start to take shape and come to life. You will finally see the benefits and witness a real transformation.

Training programs: ​

- Idea lab ​
- Strategic retreats ​
- Your processes ​
- Change management workshop

InnoveLab invites you on a three-tiered development journey.

InnoveLab’s training programs are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and build a solid foundation. By targeting your challenges, InnoveLab can help you and your team make the best decisions to achieve your business goals.

InnoveLab can help your company succeed.

InnoveLab founder Marie-Josée Lareau uses her expertise to create solutions that will meet the needs of your team and your company.

Humance is pleased to be working with Marie-Josée Lareau, founder of InnoveLab and expert in innovation and creativity.

InnoveLab Teamed Up with Humance Logo

Organizations need to be agile and think outside of the box to adapt and survive in this ever-changing world.

Humance is excited to add innovation and creativity expertise to its offering.

These hands-on trainings and workshops are designed to help you tap into your creativity and foster innovation and collaboration.

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