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More than any other competency, managerial communication is central to leadership.

Communicate better, on every level

Organizations that invest in refining their managerial communication stand out as employers. To that end, we offer a range of engaging trainings to help individuals, teams, and organizations hone their skills.


The responsibility of inspiring communication falls exclusively to managers and professionals in organizations. Our interventions are designed to build up their skills in this role so their actions lead to results. We have proudly helped over 170,000 managers and professionals through our trainings, presentations, and coaching sessions.

At Humance, we consider managerial communication to be a key competency. Teaming up with Lord Communication has enabled us to offer a range of inspiring training sessions, books, and presentations to meet your needs.
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Our guides highlight how your communication style can positively influence your colleagues and offer practical tips to help you take on any type of conversation.  

The Inspirational Manager

Designed for current and aspiring managers, this book expounds on the basics of management communication and presents a series of applications related to the day-to-day work of managers. All 10 rules of leadership communication are explained in detail and the reader is encouraged to carry out their own self-assessment.   Also available in French

The Courage to Speak

How do you give bad news to employees without demotivating them? Not by doing it on the sly! The Courage to Speak is a genuine survivor’s guide designed to help managers deliver business decisions they did not chose to make, with conviction.  

Also available in French

Sustainable Influence

More than ever, influence is the key to success in the workplace. Not only does it help you showcase your own talents, but it also allows others, namely your team members, to fully develop their skill sets. You can boost your influence by developing tomorrow’s skill: sustainable influence.  

Also available in French

The Art of the Question

To communicate successfully, today’s leaders must seize opportunities and learn to ask effective, impactful questions that guide their teams to collaborate, hold themselves accountable, and act autonomously. This tool will become a major asset for developing your sustainable influence.   Also available in French


We offer remote or in-person presentations of 60 or 90 minutes that cover a range of skills to help you discover the power of effective managerial communication. Learn how to communicate with clarity, have difficult conversations, and much more!

Are You an Inspiring Leader?

Discover the four key behaviours of inspiring leaders and take on the vital responsibility of managerial communication.

The Challenge of Working Together, Apart

Maintain team engagement and productivity, even in difficult times or when working remotely. Learn how to listen, ask the right questions, and calibrate your interactions.

Communicate With Clarity

Learn the steps of the Clarity Method©, a fail-safe approach to interaction designed to help you communicate effectively.

Face Difficult Conversations With Courage and Ease

Learn how to prepare for difficult conversations to be sure to handle them with tact, ease, and skill.

Sustainable Influence: A Vital Component to a Successful Career!

Strive to achieve excellence in your leadership approach through sustainable influence, a vital skill for managers who want to leave their mark.

The Art of the Question: A Powerful and Effective Communication Tool

Learn how to ask the right questions at the right time and with the right tone to foster innovation in the workplace.

Mini boot camps

What could be better than combining theory, communication, and practice? Our 2.5–hour mini boot camps cover topics in managerial communications, consolidated by readings, job aids, and videos to support learning, and featuring demonstrations, practice sessions in breakout rooms, video recordings, and real-time feedback from a certified coach. Join a group of participants from various organizations or plan a mini boot camp for your own team. 

Manage and Inspire Your Hybrid Teams Every Day to Ensure Engagement 

Become a source of inspiration for your teams by focusing on engaging them and developing new methods to encourage autonomy, instill a sense of competence, and promote harmonious relationships. 

Hone Your Executive Presence to Convey Confidence and Control, Even Under Pressure 

Understand how to quickly and effectively prepare interactions and learn to decisively contextualize and hone an executive approach to gain confidence and streamline all your strategic communications. 

Master the Art of the Question to Become an Engaging Leader and Spark Collective Intelligence 

Master the art of the question, a strong catalyst for engaging leadership. Become more aware of your attitude and listening skills to formulate more persuasive and effective questions and spark collective intelligence. 

Rally and Mobilize Your Team With Authenticity 

Learn to take on organizational decisions while remaining both true to yourself and your organization, and to communicate these changes with courage, lessen resistance, and ensure their adoption among your teams. 

Face Difficult Conversations With Courage and Ease

Understand the elements of the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. approach and do warm-up exercises to develop your game plan, prepare for difficult conversations, and read your emotional barometer using specific parameters. 

Practise Sustainable Influence and Transform Your Approach to Communication 

This 5-hour boot camp covers how to quickly and effectively prepare your interventions and decisively contextualize and hone an executive approach to gain confidence and streamline all your strategic interventions. 

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