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Humance Competency Model©

HR management made easy

The Humance Competency Model©—based on best practices and scientifically vetted by experts in organizational psychologyis a simple and intuitive platform that features a wide range of complementary tools to manage human resources. It uses an integrated competency approach to help with hiring, skills development, succession planning, and other HR processes.  

Four reasons you should be using a competency model

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One platform.

Endless possibilities.

A wide range of complementary tools

Whether you are building interview guides, onboarding new staff members, creating training plans, or conducting employee performance assessmentsthe Competency Model tools are designed to meet your HR needs.  

Competency profiles

Create competency profiles for your HR processes that are based on your company’s needs. Choose from 48 competencies that have been scientifically vetted by our HR and organizational psychology experts.

Interview guides

Accurately assess core competencies with customizable and reusable interview guides to manage promotions or for staffing purposes.

Development plans

Create customized competency-based development plans for career development, succession planning, or performance management.

Simplify your HR

From recruitment to succession planning, the Competency Model is helpful at every stage of your HR processes.

An intelligent structure for an integrated competency approach

Inspired by the Humance Leadership Model©, the Competency Model divides skills into four core leadership styles to help you better understand an individual’s or a team’s contribution potential.

With both global themes and specific observable behaviours, the model is designed to satisfy different needs depending on the amount of detail required.

The Humance Competency Model: An extensive review of scientific research

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Make the Humance Competency Model part of your HR processes today!

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