Learn to exercise intentional leadership

Commit to the development of your leaders 

Our intentional leadership approach helps leaders better understand their impact and influence and develop the skills they need to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Discover our coaching services tailored to your reality 

Our coaching programs combine the power of scientific research with solid business experience to truly transform leaders and make a meaningful impact on their organizations. Adapted to your reality, they are available in a range of formats, both in person and remote. 

Development coaching

Make a positive impact

Develop your leaders and optimize their contribution, reach your organizational objectives, and ensure the success of your teams. 

Our approach accelerates the development of leaders and builds on their natural talents. We work with you to create lasting change by raising the coachee’s awareness of their strengths and areas to develop. 

Gain credibility

Lead in the new realities of work

Talent retention and development 

Effectively manage relationships; Influence and build networks

Satisfaction and well-being at work  

Are you a manager or professional who wants to take advantage of our coaching services?  

Onboarding coaching 

Accelerate your managers’ onboarding

Help your new managers onboard successfully within your organization and seamlessly transition to their new identity so they can assert their management approach and engage their teams.   

Your new managers will quickly develop winning interpersonal strategies to have a positive impact on key stakeholders and help the organizational reach its goals.  

Help them understand the drivers and actions required to optimize their onboarding. 

Develop a strategic vision of their role 

Expand their professional identity

Map out key stakeholders and discover how the corporate environment works 

Build valuable relationships

Develop a plan for the first 100 days

Focus on onboarding success factors and indicators and spot potential pitfalls 

Are you a manager or professional who wants to take advantage of our coaching services?  

Group coaching

Instill intentional leadership

Stimulate the development of your managers using a program that blends group and individual coaching with a focus on current issues.  

Between group sessions, managers take action and commit to leadership challenges with their teams, peers, or superiors.

Interdepartmental cohorts consist of 8–12 managers at the same level in a program that lasts approximately 6 months. It comprises 6 workshops given 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

  • 6 half-day group coaching sessions
  • 5 individual coaching sessions to tackle management challenges
  • Leadership challenges between group sessions to reinforce learning
  • Program based on the latest developments in neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioural economics.


  1. Expand your professional identity as a leader and play to your strengths
  2. Engage your team: your driving force
  3. Generate individual performance
  4. Cultivate relationships with colleagues and your manager
  5. Increase your influence
  6. Innovate through collective thinking

Start developing your managers today by setting concrete learning objectives and establishing common ground.

Collegial atmosphere to share individual development objectives and solutions to real-life challenges 

Inspiring insights with practical implications to broaden your perspective 

Consistent exercise in intentionality to ensure a profound impact 

Concrete actions with immediate results 

Blend of real-life situations and group coaching to gain a deeper understanding and find solutions 

Are you a manager or professional who wants to take advantage of our coaching services? 

Executive coaching

Help your management team navigating complex, fast-paced, and rapidly changing environments, make the choices necessary to optimize results and ensure healthy performance. 

Drawing on their own experience as executives, our coaches understand the challenges inherent in this job level. Whether it be in the context of a promotion, onboarding, mandate shift, continuous development, or retirement, our coaches know how to prepare and support you every step of the way. 

Self-management: energy, stress, emotions, biases

Communication and executive presence

Management of stakeholder and Board relationships

Political acumen and ability to read the environment

Influence and partnerships

Organizational transformation and change management 

Executive team dynamics and alignment

Are you an executive who wants to take advantage of our coaching services?  

Our team of certified coaches

Our team consists of highly qualified coaches, the majority of whom have been trained in schools that meet the requirements of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to advancing and regulating the coaching profession. 

Alain Fortier

Anica Zarac

Annabelle Ambroise

Annie Henry

Bernard Letendre

Carolyne Richard

Christèle Gran-Villeneuve

Delphine Amara

Dominic Lapointe

Eileen Dooley

Elaine Lajeunesse

Ève-Marie Poulin

Evelyn Joncas

France Asselin

Gisèle Aubin

Hélène Priam-Legallais

Irène Samson

Jacinthe Ouellet

Janon Hamel

Jean Émond

Jennifer Gabriele

Jennifer Gabriele

Julie Trudeau

Karolane Dubreuil

Katia Nelson

Leslie Rohonczy

Marc Bérubé

Photo de Marie-Josée Lareau

Marie-Josée Lareau

Marie-Pier Bélanger

Mario Séguin

Marylène Ayotte

Maude Normand

Melissa Warner

Myriam Plamondon

Peder Jacobsen

Roula Eid

Valérie DesRoches

The coaching process at Humance 

Humance helps you define the needs and objectives that have led you to seek coaching and determines whether the conditions are well suited to the process.  

We meet with the coachee to hear their perspective and ensure we have a firm grasp of their development needs. Next, we determine which of our coaches will take charge of the process.  

We meet with the coachee’s manager to understand their perspective and clarify their role in the process.  

Our individual coaching sessions are built around the work context and make full use of the coachee’s experience.  

Support between sessions can include activities, homework, reading recommendations, a log book, a coaching plan, videos, podcasts, or other resources.  

We invite the coachee’s manager to pay attention to their progress and offer feedback. 

We then plan a second three-way meeting midway through the process to confirm the strides that have been made, discuss the manager’s observations, and assess overall progress.  

We plan a final three-way meeting to compare the coachee’s progress with the success indicators and review the overall process.  

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