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Our mission is to support leaders at all levels in developing their capacity to lead with greater clarity, more certainty, and agility in today’s rapidly shifting landscape. We enable leaders to step out of their comfort zone to learn and lead with greater impact.  We partner with our clients to understand their business reality and strategic objectives to tailor coaching for maximum value.

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Coaching mandates

For over 40 years, we have been supporting organizations scale their leaders to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Solutions adapted to your reality

Humance coaching integrates the power of scientific research and robust business experience to deliver a transformative experience for the leader and real impact for their organization. Our individual and group coaching programs are designed to facilitate the onboarding, development, and ultimately the success of your leaders.

Onboarding Coaching

Support leaders to become aware of the drivers and efforts that optimize onboarding and circumvent potential pitfalls. This enables managers to exercise leadership, foster learning and adapt to the people and the organization. 

Development Coaching​

Enhances the impact of your leaders natural strengths and talents and helps them develop the new competencies required to meet the challenges their expanding role.

Group Coaching

Scales leadership development across the organization by building competence and capability in cohorts of leaders learning with and from each other.

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Value-added coaching resources for you

Get the most out of the coaching process with additional tools and resources designed by our experts!

For coaching participants​​
Provide insight on success conditions and help participants make the most of their coaching experience

For supporting leaders​
Useful information regarding their role in supporting coaching engagement and expectations for three-way meetings
Reflection Tools​
Stimulate introspection and self-awareness as well as understanding of one’s business environment through a variety of Humance proprietary tools:​

- Growth potential index
- Tribal inventory
- Talent model
- 10 levers of performance
- 360 surveys
- Leadership assessments
Progress Tracking
Coaching pulse surveys​
To assess the coaching participant’s progress towards their key coaching objectives

Post-coaching follow-up surveys
Engagement surveys after three, six, and 12 months to assess sustainable change

Our team of coaches

Our team is composed of highly qualified coaches who, for the most part, have received coaching training from a school accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global organization dedicated to advancing and regulating the coaching profession.

Alain Fortier

André Camiré

Anica Zarac

Annabelle Ambroise

Annie Henry

Carolyne Richard

Christèle Gran-Villeneuve

Delphine Amara

Dominic Lapointe

Eileen Dooley

Ève-Marie Poulin

Evelyn Joncas

France Asselin

Gisèle Aubin

Hélène Priam-Legallais

Irène Samson

Jacinthe Ouellet

Janon Hamel

Jean Émond

Jennifer Gabriele

Jennifer Gabriele

Julie Trudeau

Katia Nelson

Laura Hambley

Marc Bérubé

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Marie-Josée Lareau

Marie-Pier Bélanger

Mario Séguin

Melissa Warner

Myriam Plamondon

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Patricia Baratta

Roula Eid

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