360 Assessment

Measure the impact that key individuals in your organization have on their work environment based on specific criteria (skills and behaviours). 

A dialogue between participants and their professional circle, SPB’s 360 Assessment is the result of 40 years of application and use in a range of organizational contexts. Our tool stands out for its easy adoption, its quick implementation and the validity of the information collected.

SPB's 360 Assessment is offered in different modes:

With Feedback

We support you in choosing the competencies to be assessed and in providing feedback to participants.


We organize the survey and teach you how to interpret results for participant feedback.


A personalized portal allows you to register candidates and respondents, control survey delivery and access reports. Your organization provides feedback to candidates.

Customized Questionnaire

If your organization already has its own 360 competency model, we can program your questionnaire on our platform or align it with the Humance competency model.

Creating Value

For the


  1. Recognize their talents to use them more effectively and as drivers for development;
  2. Identify gaps between their profile and the organization’s expectations; target areas for improvement;
  3. Define specific interaction strategies for  target groups and stakeholders in their work environment;
  4. Gather the information needed to set development targets.
  5. Measure their evolution and update the development avenues when a new measure is taken 9 to 15 months later.

For the


  1. Provide a reliable, valid assessment of managers’ impact on their work environment;
  2. Define development avenues with simple, pragmatic names for the associated behaviours and skills;
  3. Facilitate the implementation of a specific practical development initiative that fosters awareness and tangible learning;
  4. Get a group profile of the assessed participants in terms of their strengths, areas of development, undervalued qualities and blind spots.

Key Elements:


Individual and organizational conditions must be established from the onset to ensure the 360 Assessment's success:

  • When launching the project, senior management is encouraged to convey a clear and engaging message to generate interest in and commitment to the exercise, thereby ensuring the active participation of assessed candidates, their superiors and respondents;
  • Integrating this project into a comprehensive development program allows for better participant support following feedback.
  • The steps following the assessment must be clearly defined and explained to participants so that they understand how the results will be used and how they will be supported in their development.
  • Implementation of this exercise is best welcomed in an organization that values communication, encourages feedback and wants to invest in the development of its people.
  • Discussion of the assessment findings will be easier if a dialogue has already been started between participants and their superiors.
  • Specific conditions for success apply. Contact us for more information.

A team of highly
qualified experts

Our team comprises over 100 collaborators, including 80 psychology, coaching, career counselling and management professionals.

Our consultants hold a master’s or doctorate degree. The majority of them are good-standing members of a professional order and have completed advanced psychometrics training.

Our consultants combine a unique set of characteristics: a solid understanding of the business world and in-depth training on human behaviour and group dynamics.

A strategic partner
for our clients

We listen to our clients to understand their context and needs and be able to offer them the best solution.

In addition to our assessment process, SPB’s team of coaches can support your employees in reaching their full potential and help them fully and quickly meet the requirements of their role.

By using the data from our potential assessments and the information provided by our clients, we are able to determine team needs and organizational trends.

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Qu’est-ce que la

performance ?

Chez Humance, lorsque nous parlons de performance, nous parlons de performance durable.

La performance durable d’une organisation se traduit par les résultats qu’elle obtient sur les principaux éléments clés requis pour se développer et rester concurrentiel.

Qu’est-ce que la

culture ?

La culture organisationnelle est un ensemble de valeurs, de croyances et d’attentes partagées par les employés et les gestionnaires d’une entreprise. 

Elle influence le comportement au travail des employés et gestionnaires et ce, sur une base quotidienne.