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Measure the impact of key individuals on their work environment.

Used by organizations for development purposes, Humance’s 360 Assessment measures the impact that key individuals have on the people who work with them by creating an enriching discussion between the two.

Why use a 360-degree assessment?

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To recognize and leverage an individuals’s strengths to drive growth

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To identify areas for improvement by pinpointing the gaps between an individual’s profile and the organization’s expectations

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To collect the information needed to set personal and professional development goals

Measure the impact of key individuals on their environment

Humance’s model provides a reliable and valid assessment by examining the following of elements:

About 360-degree assessments

360-degree assessment gives insight into the impact that an employee has on the people they work with based on specific skills and behaviours. Feedback from groups of respondents is used to paint a picture of the employee. A 360‑degree assessment provides valuable information that is more accurate than informal feedback.

Humance’s 360 Assessment was modelled after observable behaviour in the Humance Leadership Model© and Humance Competency Model©—and 40 years of professional experience. The components of this tool cover all aspects of the competencies to be assessed.

Humance's 360 Assessment is available
in the following formats:

360 Plus
360 Premium
Choose from seven preconfigured competency profiles for the different roles in your organization.
Create a customized competency profile by choosing up to 20 competencies.

New features offered in 2021

We improved the report to better meet the needs of users. Here’s what we did.

  • We added clear explanations of the Humance Leadership Model© and the four dimensions being assessed to help the participant understand the main takeaways.
  • We added a brand-new section that lists the competencies from biggest areas for improvement to greatest strengths.
  • We made the tables in the score section easier to read.
  • We added an appendix to provide the frequency at which score was received and the standard deviation for each competency.
  • We improved the content and the general look and feel.

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Equally important for organizations
as for individuals

  1. Individuals learn to recognize their their own talents, which helps them be more effective and grow.
  2. Individuals see the gaps between their profile and the organization’s expectations so they know what they need to improve.
  3. Individuals can develop strategies for interacting with different target at work.
  4. Individuals have the information they need to set development goals.
  5. A second assessment is done after 9 to 15 months so that individuals can see their progress and adjust their plan accordingly. 
  1. Organizations receive a reliable, valid assessment of the impact that the individual has at work.
  2. Organizations can define development approaches by identifying the relevant behaviours and competencies in a simple and pragmatic manner.
  3. Organizations can implement a solid, targeted development approach that fosters awareness and tangible learning. 
  4. Organizations get a group profile of the assessed participants based on their strengths, areas for growth, undervalued strengths, and blind spots.

Humance's 360 Assessment
main features

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A strategic partner

We listen to our clients to ensure that we understand their situation and needs and that the solution we provide is right for them.

Our team comprises over 125 collaborators, including 80 in psychology, coaching, career counselling and management professionals.

We use data from our own and our clients’ talent assessments to establish the team needs and organizational trends.


Individual and organizational conditions must be established from the onset to ensure the 360 Assessment's success:

  • It is helpful if senior management sends a clear and inspiring message at the beginning the project to everyone involved to rouse interest and ensure the active participation of the candidates being assessed, their superiors, and respondents.
  • Making this project part of a company-wide development program makes it easier to support participants once they have received feedback.
  • It is easier to discuss the results if a dialogue is already underway between participants and their superiors.
  • What happens after the assessment should be clearly defined and explained to participants so that they understand how the results will be used and how they will be supported in their development.
  • This exercise works best in organizations that value communication, encourage feedback, and are prepared to invest in the development of their people.
  • Specific conditions for success apply. Contact us for more information.

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