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Custom e-learning for long-lasting changes

Are you looking for a turnkey solution that will allow you to quickly train many employees in your organization in a way that makes the learning stick?

Humance offers custom online training solutions that will meet your organization’s unique business needs in terms of learning and behavioural changes.

Combining andragogy and multimedia production to create an engaging virtual experience

A custom e-learning solution is a powerful driver for achieving your business goals. This approach helps learners adopt innovative practices, assimilate key knowledge, and change behaviours in a lasting way.

Drawing from our expertise in techno-pedagogy, organizational psychology, and multimedia production, our e-learning solutions are designed with your business reality in mind.

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Based on the ADDIE model of instructional design, our custom e-learning features the latest advances in neuroscience (microlearning, spaced repetition, etc.) and captivating storytelling. These methods foster lasting change, inspire action, and enable your people to acquire and apply critical knowledge.  

Our design team works with you to ensure that we fully understand the specific needs of your learners. Then, our experts design and create a training plan that is tailored to your organization. Finally, they carefully schedule the various stages of development to ensure minimal friction for the participants. 

Our multimedia production team creates powerful visual, written, and video content to provide your learners with an unforgettable virtual learning experience. Depending on your needs, audio and video content can be recorded in the studio, online, or at your office.

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Capsules multimédia clé en main

Les capsules Humance sont des unités de microapprentissage hautement ciblées et adaptées à la réalité organisationnelle d’aujourd’hui. Élaborées à partir du Référentiel de compétences Humance©, elles s’appuient sur les dernières avancées en neurosciences. Interactives, bilingues et représentatives des particularités nord-américaines des petites, moyennes et grandes organisations, ces capsules autoportantes et compatibles avec tous les LMS (Learning Management System) outilleront votre personnel dans l’atteinte d’un bien-être professionnel durable et réel.

Your custom e-learning is then hosted on one of the following platforms:

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Your internal learning management system (LMS)

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Your intranet or website

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The Humance platform

Achieving your business goals

Humance’s expertise in design and learner engagement will make a big impact on your people (employees, leaders, or other members of your organization), thereby helping you reach your development targets faster. 

Here are some of the issues that this solution addresses:

Your custom e-learning project in the hands of our team of experts

Your project will be entrusted to our team of experts who will design a customized and unique online learning solution.

We will work with you to transform your business objectives into innovative and effective training. To meet your needs, we develop online learning solutions based on your organizational challenges, your reality and that of your employees.

Understanding and analyzing your needs
A strategist ensures that they have a thorough understanding of your training needs, as well as the circumstances of your organizational context, your learners, and your development targets.
Developing a customized strategy
A project manager oversees the proposal and develops a plan to maximize the timeline and budget

Designing your e-learning project
The designers use in-depth knowledge of the typical profile (persona) of your learners to create a powerful training experience.

Producing and activating your custom e-learning solution
Once approved by the client, the multimedia production team creates an engaging learning environment.

Hosting and setting up your turnkey learning solution
Once the e-learning content has been created, our team provides you with the material to integrate into the platform of your choice.

A team of experts at your service to design e-learning solutions tailored to your needs

Notre équipe d’experts et d’expertes à votre service pour vous accompagner dans la conception de vos formations en ligne sur mesure

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