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Career management

Reach your full professional potential

Supporting your resources in their career development:
a key factor of engagement and loyalty

In today’s competitive landscape, leaders must think differently to retain and engage their team members. These individuals are in high demand and actively pursuing opportunities that not only align with their career goals, but also enable them to realize their full potential.

Tailored to your reality, our career management services combine expert advice with unique and effective tools to empower your resources’ professional development.

Career guidance

Give your teams the tools they need to make meaningful career choices so they can thrive in your organization.

Since no two career paths are alike, it’s important to take the time to reflect, adapt, and realign based on interests and values. Our experts provide your employees with unique career management tools and strategies tailored to their specific challenges. We help each individual confidently chart the career path that’s right for them.

  • Pinpoint talents to play to their strengths and use them as drivers
  • Understand their interests, motivations, and professional needs
  • Identify barriers to neutralize their impacts
  • Set career goals and create a career development plan

Our partnership with SuccessFinder gives us access to their powerful tool to suggest jobs that reflect the interests and profile of each individual.

Are you a manager or professional who would like to benefit from our career guidance?

Workshop: Career Path Conversations

Foster engagement through career discussions

This interactive and customized workshop is designed to help managers understand the importance of career path conversations and learn how to navigate them effectively so that every member of their team can harness their full potential.

  • Emphasize the value of conversations around career management​
  • Develop the competencies needed to have these conversations
  • Discover your employees’ motivations, strengths, talents, areas for development, and aspirations to optimize performance
  • Recommend career paths to improve staff retention and engagement​

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Support in the context of a termination

Work with our experts to develop your termination or layoff strategy to ensure the desired outcome and limit potential repercussions for the organization. A neutral party helps provide proper support to all individuals affected by job loss during such an announcement.

  • Prepare the announcement strategy
  • Provide psychological support to individuals who loose their job
  • ​Follow-up after 24 and 48 hours to check on the individual
  • Support the person to ensure a successful career transition

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Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified experts who are members of a professional order (guidance counselors, psychologists, etc.) or hold a certification in coaching. They are committed to helping you achieve your professional goals and reaching your full potential. 

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