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We go beyond assessing talents: we meet with them, take the time to understand them and help them get onboarded.

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With over 40 years of experience in talent assessment,
our team offers unparalleled expertise in the market. Our diverse, powerful and comprehensive tools enable us to provide organizations with a complete profile of their candidates. Our solutions assist organizations in:

1. Minimizing risks related to hiring and appointments

2. Maximizing onboarding and performance

3. Managing succession planning strategically

4. Integrating talent into the organization

5. Reinforcing the organization’s culture

Talent Assessment

The potential assessment (also known as competency assessment) allows the requesting organization to draw a reliable portrait of the assessed participant. This enables organizations to identify strengths and areas for improvement as well as the conditions for success specific to a position, among other benefits.


​Fully autonomous assessment

Features: Low cost and shorter delays

Duration: 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the job family


Assessment using a predetermined competency profile that includes a summary report and an interview with a consultant.

Features: Efficient process and access to a consultant's analysis.

Duration: A half-day


Personalized competency profile assessment that includes an interview with a consultant and a detailed report

Features: Deep analysis and personalization.

Duration: A day


Assessment for senior executives led by a team of senior consultants

Features: Focused on the strategic competencies required for a senior management role, outstanding candidate impact

Post-Assessment Support

Following a potential assessment, our experts are able to guide each candidate in the development of their career and skills or during their onboarding.



360 Assessment

Humance’s 360 Assessment creates an enriching discussion between the participant and their professional circle.

Our 360 Assessment has received an upgrade!

In 2021, the report has been optimised to further enhance professional development

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Humance Competency Model

Simplify your HR processes

Drawing on the data collected from tens of thousands of assessments, we have developed a competency model to help organizations identify candidates’ performance competencies.

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Career Management

Our team also offers a career management service. This provides an accurate picture of a candidate’s profile, and thus helps to guide them towards positions that match their skills and objectives.

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