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Humance Go Assessments: New features and optimizations

After 45 years in business and a team of over 50 assessment and consulting specialists, Humance is proud to announce the launch of an enhanced version of its Go Assessment solution. The new Go Assessment takes less time to complete and produces a simplified report with more accurate and nuanced results, for a more intuitive understanding and interpretation.  

This enhanced version of the tool makes the entire process more effective, especially when combined with Humance’s complementary products and services. 

Overview: Humance’s new Go Assessment

  • Approximately 90 minutes to complete 
  • Simplified report 
  • Increased autonomy thanks to more detailed and intuitive content 
  • Competency-based assessment aligned with Humance Competency Model  
  • All Go Assessments offer behavioural questions and avenues for development and onboarding 
  • Incorporation of equity and inclusion of diversity principles 
  • Access to the full sequence of assessments on a single, newly optimized platform 
  • Complementary Humance solutions for selecting, onboarding, and developing talent 

Would you like to kick-start the development of your leaders and teams? 

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Ève-Marie Poulin PhD, Organizational Psychologist
  • Partner | Talent Assessment & Onboarding
Martin Cloutier MPsych, Organizational Psychologist
  • Partner | Talent Assessment & Onboarding

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