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Marie-Pier Bélanger Named Coaching Leader at Humance

Humance is proud to announce the appointment of Marie-Pier Bélanger as Coaching Leader for the Leadership & Team Development practice.

Over her 11 years at Humance, Bélanger has shown a solid track record in assessments as well as in skills and leadership development. She is known for helping leaders tap into their performance potential.

“Marie-Pier is already an accomplished leader with a passion for human development. I have complete confidence that she will continue to expand our coaching practice nationally with an approach that is adapted to the changing needs of our clients, partners, and teams,” says Julie Carignan, partner and leader of Humance’s Leadership & Team Development practice.

In her new role, Bélanger will oversee a team of more than 30 certified coaching professionals. Her main responsibility will be to foster the growth and development of coaching expertise throughout Canada. By leveraging the synergy between our various complementary products and services, her coaching interventions are sure to have a lasting effect.

Humance’s coaching approach is based on a combination of scientific research and a thorough understanding of business. The experience transforms organizations and makes a profound impact. In a rapidly changing world, leaders face unprecedented challenges that require them to adapt, stay focused, and act with intention.

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Julie Carignan MASc, MPsych, Organizational Psychologist, CPHR
  • Partner | Leadership & Team Development
Marie-Pier Bélanger MA, OGC, ACC
  • National Leader, Coaching | Leadership & Team Development

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