Group Coaching for Leaders Managing through a Crisis

Organizations and leaders are experiencing a crisis that is complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain. Leaders will face unusual challenges, requiring them to rethink how they behave so that they can navigate through this crisis successfully.

Within this new context, leaders are expected to adapt to changing circumstances to drive the business forward while managing their own stress and maintaining team engagement and productivity. To successfully manage themselves and navigate through this crisis, leaders need to be intentional in how they show up so that they can have the desired impact on their team and environment. This crisis calls for leaders to effectively manage themselves and their relationships and to remain optimistic despite prevailing feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

As we adjust to our temporary reality, leaders need tools to overcome the new challenges they will face so that they can give the best of themselves and emerge from this crisis with a strong and united team.

A lasting impact on your organization!

Our goal is to support leaders by providing them with the tools and guidance they need to take care of themselves, their teams, and their business. Our wish is for them go beyond “survival mode” and thrive as they face these challenges. Supporting your leaders through this crucible of leadership will have lasting impact on your organization as they develop new capabilities in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty that will enhance your organization’s ability to grow coming out of this period.

Through group coaching, we aim to provide a safe space for peers so that they can voice their challenges, gain perspective, share best practices, maintain social connection with colleagues, and take insightful action. As experienced coaches, we support groups of leaders in facing the following challenges:

What your leaders need to be supported

Our group coaching program consists of cohorts of 6-8 colleagues who gather virtually for two-hour sessions every two weeks. Each session is centered on one of the focal topics listed above. At the end of each session, participants leave feeling understood and connected through their shared challenges and capable of immediately actioning insights to their unique reality.

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