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The INCLUSION Virtual Development Path

Driving change in equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

Montreal, April 15, 2021 – This week, Humance is launching INCLUSION, a virtual development path on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), developed in partnership with the EDI2 Institute to help organizations become agents of change in society and the workplace.

The reality of EDI is multifaceted and involves many challenges. This four week development path educates participants about the main notions around EDI to help them be more open to different points of view and aware of their unconscious biases and the impact they have on their decisions and actions. Lastly, this development path encourages participants to move from awareness to action by teaching them the best practices for adopting more inclusive behaviours. 

The development path features straightforward concepts and relies on both scientific experts and testimonials from practitioners whose real life examples concretize the reality of EDI. Organizations especially appreciate that it is user-friendly and easy to send out to large groups.

As noted by Julie Carignan, partner and leader of Leadership & Team Development at Humance: “At Humance, we firmly believe that putting EDI at the forefront is of undeniable importance for managers. This development path was made for organizations who want to raise internal awareness quickly and thoughtfully. Developed in partnership with the EDI2 Institute and numerous practitioners in the field, our development path is viewed as having the power to change attitudes and behaviours regardless of the participant’s specialty or rank.”

Currently available in English and French, INCLUSION makes it easy to simultaneously train large groups. The development path uses a blended learning approach that includes videos, hands-on challenges, audio clips, development work in pairs, and self assessments. It can also be combined with customized live activities such as large launch events, experiential workshops, and coaching sessions.

Driving change
Humance helps organizations drive performance through meaningful culture. The INCLUSION development path is part of this vision.

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Julie Carignan MASc, MPsych, Organizational Psychologist, CPHR
  • Partner | Leadership & Team Development

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