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CONNECTED virtual path: Hybrid Working, a New Normal

Montréal, Thursday, February 24, 2022 — Combining the advantages of returning to the office with the benefits of working remotely is a challenge today’s organizations are facing. Many are reviewing their talent attraction and retention strategies and opting for the flexibility of working in a hybrid mode, which offers clear value, but also presents a few unique challenges.

To help you maintain a productive and healthy work environment, Humance is offering its new CONNECTED development path, specially adapted to hybrid work. There are two versions of the path: one for leaders and one for employees.

CONNECTED presents winning strategies and people-driven techniques, which are essential to success in the hybrid mode. A specialist in the complexities of distributed working, Humance aims to equip learners with the skills to navigate and work more effectively in the hybrid mode.

Taken over the course of 5 weeks (for a total of 5 to 7 hours), this path allows members of an organization to quickly develop their skills and capabilities to collaborate in a healthy way in the hybrid mode by cultivating inclusion, equity, and trust.

Using a blended learning approach, CONNECTED features a range of activities to support knowledge development and retention, such as videos, on-the-job challenges, audio clips, learning in pairs, and self-assessments. Depending on your needs, complementary development activities can be combined with the path to enhance the experience: including kick-off events, interactive workshops, coaching, and more.

At Humance, we help organizations cultivate an engaging and inclusive culture that drives performance and responsiveness to changes in the work environment. The CONNECTED path is part of this vision.

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