911 Coaching

With the current crisis we are facing, Humance is positioned to provide immediate support to leaders and employees who must give the best of themselves under challenging conditions.

To help

Our goal is to help employees and employers deal with current pressures of in this evolving context by offering them guidance and support.

Objectives :

100 % virtual mode support

911 Coaching supports individuals by providing them with the tools they need to take care of their teams, as well as themselves during turbulent times. In our brief coaching sessions of 50 minutes, we create a virtual coaching space to share their concerns, gain perspective, and act intentionally.

We support professionals and managers on several aspects:

Adapt to
the context

Listening to concerns, managing stress, building resilience, etc.


Giving your best without burning yourself out

with tact

Communicating tough messages, making sense of what is happening, and engaging and mobilizing your team in a crisis


Managing our own emotions to support others in regulating theirs

Collaborate and manage the climate

Collaborating effectively and maintain a healthy work climate in such a context

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