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Virtual Support Path | Managing a team in times of crisis

Managing a team in times of crisis

Turbulent times such as the COVID-19 pandemic bring on quite a few concerns and worries. The “Managing a team in times of crisis” path is designed to support leaders and managers in such a context, helping them to take care of themselves and manage their team.


By providing structured support over a period of 4 weeks, at a rate of 10 minutes per day. The path can be completed at any time of the day.

Main objective

The path is designed to help leaders weather the storm by reminding them of good practices to implement. It aims to strengthen their ability to work effectively despite obstacles by exploring 5 areas of management support.

Introduction to the
Virtual Support Path

Five Areas of Management Support

Manager’s Focus

Improve the manager’s focus

Individual Anxiety

Manage individual anxiety

Group Anxiety

Manage group anxiety


Maintain proximity between team members


Maintain team productivity

Benefits of taking part in a path in the current context

  • Having access to structured and powerful support for 4 weeks
  • Avoiding mental saturation caused by information overload
  • Implementing structures, rituals and routines to reassure the team while staying the course
  • Maintaining team cohesion despite the physical distance
  • Building confidence by having access to the right information at the right time
  • Regaining control of your team interventions

A concrete approach focused on action

  • Structured, fast-paced and stimulating 4-week process
  • 1 activity card per day (Monday to Friday), each lasting 10 to 15 minutes, for a total of 20 assignments
  • 3 key components every day: Expert Advice + Get Ready + Go
  • Capsules presenting content provided by proven experts
  • Action planning and implementation activities
  • A support platform
  • A toolbox

Path overview

In addition to the support path, we can provide virtual individual coaching during extended hours (from 7 am to 9 pm). 

Introductory Special Price:
$295 per participant

Regular price upon introductory special expiration:

Group of  1 to 9 managers  $595 per participant

Group of  10 to 49 managers $495 per participant

Group of  50+ managers $395 per participant

New cohorts start every week. For more information or to register more than 9 participants, contact us: [email protected] or QC: 450-646-1022 option 2 or ON: 416-506-1809

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