Virtual Support Path for Managers – ENSEMBLE

ENSEMBLE Path – Managing a team in turbulent times

In times of turmoil, the pressure is on and a multitude of concerns can emerge (anxiety, stress, isolation). The ENSEMBLE Path – Managing a team in turbulent times is designed to help managers weather the storm with their teams


This 6-week structured path, consisting of activity cards of 15 to 20 minutes each, offers concrete tools and practical advice that will guide the manager in their day-to-day work.

Main objective

The ENSEMBLE Path – Managing a team in turbulent times is designed to help managers weather the storm with their teams.

Introduction to the
Virtual Support Path

An action-focused approach

  • Structured, fast-paced and stimulating 6-week process
  • Practical interventions, tools, methods, guides, and reminders grouped in activity cards
  • 3 key components: Expert Advice + Get Ready + Go
  • Capsules presenting content provided by proven experts
  • Action planning and implementation activities
  • Support platform and toolbox

Path directions

Tested and approved by over 2,500 managers

Equip your managers for the long term by having them participate in the ENSEMBLE Path – Managing in turbulent times. This virtual support path has already demonstrated its effectiveness to managers from various organizations.*

*Created in the context of COVID-19, the path was modified on June 29, 2020 to meet the needs of any manager in turbulent times.

6 benefits of participating in the ENSEMBLE path

  • Lowering the level of anxiety created by change and uncertainty

  • Implementing structures, rituals, and routines to reassure the team

  • Regaining a sense of control for yourself and your team

  • Redirecting the team’s focus on what is important in turbulent times

  • Building trust by having access to the right information at the right time

Path overview

* We can also assist you, on request, with individual coaching and group workshops, offered as a complement to the path or independently.

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