We Improve What We Measure

We improve what we measure

We measure what we understand

We understand what can be described and shared

As a manager or a human resources professional, do these three sentences resonate with you?

Measuring enables us to define an end point, a learning curve, and a goal. In terms of competencies development, for the past few months we have seen a marked upsurge in 360 Assessment processes. Not physically being with colleagues and employees may be part of it, but it is also because this tool is particularly useful for evaluating the impact a manager has on their environment. When it is administered with all team members, it creates a portrait of collective strengths and areas for development and spotlights concrete avenues for development to improve performance.

Understanding to act

An organization is a complex ecosystem. Measurement is also useful for sounding out your troops and knowing how motivated your teams are. In this respect, the OMI tool, developed over 15 years ago, is more than just a survey. It is a management tool that evaluates the company’s situation with respect to aspects of mobilization and helps identify levers for improvement that can be implemented. Tested with tens of thousands of employees across a range of sectors, it also allows for benchmarking with other Québec businesses.

Understanding through shared language

We recently launched a new version of our Humance’s Online Competency Model © . This is a particularly useful tool. It gives you access to an online database where all competencies are listed, supporting your staffing, appreciation, and succession management processes. In a few clicks, it enables you to create a shared vocabulary, competencies profiles, interview questionnaires, and avenues for development.

The next time you deal with a management challenge, tell yourself that there must be a tool or form of support to help you. And go back to the three simple sentences above. They help me every day; they can help you too!


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Louise Clément AdmA, MBA, ASC
  • Quebec City Market Leader – Senior Consultant
    Leadership & Team Development

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