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Do You Know Your Mobilization Index?

Steer your organization toward the future to achieve business objectives.

In our economic environment, performance has become the main driver of business success. In an economy weakened by continued labour shortages, mobilizing people in organizations is one of the most powerful tools for growth. This is why it is important to understand mobilization and to harness it to its full potential.

Ultimately, mobilization creates organizations that perform better and that are better able to act on their environment, to create meaning and to have a lasting, positive impact.”

Companies with strong mobilization have synergy that makes them more valued and attractive so that employees are absent less and remain loyal longer.

This results in customer satisfaction, greater productivity and higher profitability.

First and foremost, mobilizing requires understanding the nature of mobilization and its components. You also need a basis of comparison, an index to evaluate a company’s situation and identify levers for improvement. There are two simple choices for businesses that want to improve their performance:

  1. Measure factors that encourage mobilization
  2. Act on them

This is precisely what Humance offers organizations with its Organizational Mobilization Index™ (OMI). This model – which has a proven track record – has been tested with tens of thousands of employees in businesses in a range of sectors.

In addition to generating a clear mobilization index, the OMI gives the management team an accurate snapshot of priorities and a concrete action plan to raise their index.

Our measurement tool: the OMI

More than a survey, the OMI is a powerful management tool that enables decision making and targeted action.

The OMI delivers five key benefits:

1. Simplicity 

  • A short, simple, statistically validated and scientifically constructed questionnaire
  • Results presented as indexes, enabling rapid, strategic reading, making it easier to prioritize efforts

2. Flexibility

  • Our multiplatform technology lets you reach employees anytime (smartphone, workstation and tablet)
  • Our questionnaire is available in several languages (French, English, Spanish)
  • Our measurements are adapted to your mobilization cycle: complete, express, ongoing (Pulse) measurements and access to a secure portal to view results online

3. Depth

  • A detailed analysis of results, including advanced correlation analyses
  • Statistically validated results during each benchmarking period
  • Segmentation of results by category of respondent, division and more, to better target efforts

4. Relevance

  • An executive summary for senior management with a clear overview of the situation and targeting short-term action
  • Useful reports for managers, enabling them to take action and implement change
  • Concrete avenues for action for each of the priorities targeted

5. Validation

  • Results compared to a representative sample of Quebec companies
  • A mirror questionnaire to compare perceptions of senior managers regarding mobilization levels in their company

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France Rouillard MBA
  • Senior Consultant | Organizational Transformation & Strategy

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