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The TEAM MANAGEMENT Virtual Development Path

Leading a team with courage and empathy

Humance’s brand-new development path for frontline managers

Montreal, April 29, 2021 – Humance is excited to launch TEAM MANAGEMENT, a brand‑new development path for frontline managers. This skill development path aims to prepare managers to assume their leadership stance and meet the expectations of their role.

The goals of this training include helping managers be their best selves by finding their manager identity; tapping into their own talents; setting clear expectations; using empowerment to align their team; demonstrating courage; and showing gratitude.

Spanning ten weeks, this new approach uses micro-training sessions and development activities (videos, hands‑on challenges, audio clips, development work in pairs, self‑assessments, etc.) that are adapted to a manager’s current reality. With this simple, accessible, and work‑integrated method, these valuable (and meaningful) skills can be put to work immediately.

Currently available in English and French, this development path offers valuable training for both individuals and large groups. It can also be tailored to concurrent activities such as large launch events, experiential workshops, and coaching sessions.

Driving change

Humance helps organizations drive performance through meaningful culture, and our new development path for managers is a prime example of this.


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Julie Carignan MASc, MPsych, Organizational Psychologist, CPHR
  • Partner | Leadership & Team Development

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