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Pandemic Fatigue — Part 3: Impacts on Client Relationships

In two of our recent articles, we discussed the concept of pandemic fatigue and how to minimize its impact. One of the repercussions we are discussing today is the influence that this fatigue can have on your business relationship with clients.

Your employees play a key role: they are brand ambassadors, promoters of your services and advocates for your customers’ reality within your internal teams. If the partnership has been going on for a long time, many of them have developed a special relationship with their clients. Sometimes these relationships combine the personal and professional. The line can sometimes be blurry.

When your employees are exhausted, how do they react to their clients’ anxiety, distress or even anger? How should they position themselves to maintain their boundaries without damaging the relationship?

To help organizations and managers get equipped, we developed an interactive workshop program that allows your employees to explore 3 aspects of prevention.

The first workshop focuses on self-management skills, i.e., the ability to deal healthily with the emotional burden of a client experiencing difficulties, as well as the tools needed to maintain their own psychological health when exposed to stress and distress.

The second workshop guides them through relationship management by teaching them to deal with the sometimes-blurred boundaries between the personal and professional aspects of business relationships, and to adjust their approach according to the multiple hats worn in a close relationship.

The third workshop helps them find the right amount of kindness, tact and courage to apply in difficult situations in order to stay on course in their professional mission and stay true to themselves.

Other trainings or workshops can also be integrated into these: change management, stress management, time management, management of priorities, giving meaning, work/life balance, self-care.

Our clients are the reason our organizations exist. Properly empowering our employees in their interactions with them is one of the success factors that will ensure a long-lasting relationship.

It is therefore essential to pay attention to this aspect!

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Louise Clément AdmA, MBA, ASC
  • Quebec City Market Leader – Senior Consultant
    Leadership & Team Development

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