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Inventing the new world of work

We have all had to deal with obstacles, challenges, changes, and uncertainty over the past two years and, unfortunately, recent news about inflation, the war, the price of gas, the climate, etc., are no exception. The atmosphere may feel apocalyptic if we look only at these factors. While we cannot ignore the current context, we must regain power over our daily lives and emotions, using our energy to create what we would like to see emerge. By concentrating on our world, our organization, and our team, we can invent the working world of tomorrow. 


With spring comes spring cleaning, a time to make room for summer and the sun. In this spirit, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the job market and people are now so different that it is impossible to go back to the way it was before. The winds of change are blowing, something we need to accept. 


Most of our current client requests at Humance are for support so that this transition to their future of work this spring cleaning happens smoothly. We have a deep sense of the difficulties they face connecting all the pieces, whether the return to the office, policies for hybrid working, or mental health and resiliency to address the constant change they have to deal with. 


Given this context, leaders may be tempted to take control and impose new approaches. However, we need to remember that consulting with the people and teams and getting them involved in their future of work is essential to the success of any transformation.  


We need to show openness, agility, and creativity to shape the working world for the coming years. At Humance, we can help you manage these complex changes by fostering a mindset of clarity and caring. 


Maybe you have already noticed that your employees and colleagues want to weigh in on what the future looks like. They feel the need to express themselves and be heard. Meanwhile, you may not know how to proceed, or you may fear losing control if everyone has the chance to offer their ideas. This is actually the perfect opportunity to mobilize your employees by including them in the change. It is important to remember that innovating is ineffective in a silo. 


According to Frédéric Laloux, former partner at McKinsey & Company, future-facing organizations are those that defy the system of management as we know it. In studying many of them, he has noted that they all rely on one (or all) of these fundamental factors: 


  • Self-management Hierarchical structures are evolving toward a new, powerful, more fluid model in which individuals learn self management and enjoy distributed authority, culminating in greater collective intelligence 

  • Integrality A climate of mutual trust is established, enabling employees to be fully who they are, without a mask, and to play a role based on their natural strengths 

  • Evolving purposeFrom an organic perspective, the organization follows its own path; its own evolutionary journey. Employees are encouraged to be plugged into what the company is becoming and where it is naturally going. 


Humance is  visionary and surrounds itself with experts. In 2021, InnoveLab and Work EvOHlutionTM joined their expertise with that of Humance to offer you even stronger support as you reinvent your future workplace. 


We are currently being asked to share our best practices to offer inspiration in the form of presentations and workshops In developing these, we prefer an interactive model, in which employees have the chance to appropriate ideas based on their reality, to express themselves, and to come up with a collective dream 


Sometimes, we use the workshop format to help managers deal with change and to be sensitive to the emergence of innovative ideas. We like to foster a sense of play so that participants discover new opportunities while having fun 


Large organizations often ask us to support them in the reflection process to work with their team to build an innovative approach to develop new ways of working. Our support continues throughout the subsequent change and implementation, and we help our clients successfully transform using an agile approach.  


We can also help you create better hybrid working environments tailored to your context, so that leaders, employees and teams are engaged and effective, contributing to balance and strong performance. 


Let us support you in your thinking. We are firmly convinced that by putting people at the centre of the equation, giving them the chance to express themselves and taking the time to listen, the most wonderful surprises can emerge and benefit the entire organization. We can use our differences to dream of a more inclusive, respectful world of work so that everyone can exercise their talents and develop their full potential, contributing to wellness and performance.  

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Marie-Josée Lareau EMBA
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