Intentional Leadership, at the heart of our distinctive coaching approach

To close out international coaching week, our coaching leader, Marie-Pier Bélanger, presents Humance’s unique and distinctive approach in leadership development:  Intentional Leadership

Today’s leaders – and their organizationsface unprecedented conditions forcing them to adapt, remain focused, and be intentional in their actions to ensure optimal impact.

Intentional leadership, the core of our signature approach in coaching, involves developing a deep sense of self, having an open attitude toward change, however unsettling it may be, and taking a genuine interest in other points of view 

Our coaching integrates the power of scientific research and robust business experience to deliver a transformative experience for the leaders and real impact that creates value for their teams and organization   

Our model of intentional leadership aims to help managers: 

  • Adapt to an evolving, complex environment  
  • Expand their awareness and outlook  
  • Increase their resilience in different phases of professional and organizational transitions 
  • Have a positive, creative influence on those around them 
  • Learn to use sound communication practices 
  • Develop clarity of meaning and act in a way that is consistent with the culture and its values 

By focusing on their values and environment, we prepare managers for lasting change. In partnership with leaders, we create a safe space to learn to recognize vulnerabilities and capitalize on their talents. We foster awareness and transform lessons into concrete action.  

We develop strategies to better manage emotions and energy when facing periods of transition and adaptation and encourage them toward a change of mindset and healthy emotional regulation.

Through our presence, mastering the art of questioning, and a host of adapted tools, leaders become proficient in creating and nurturing working relationships that foster collaboration and make the collective intelligence come alive.  

Thereby, leaders develop the aptitudes and habits required to operate in their environment, create an inspiring, productive workplace, and achieve business goals. Strategies are designed to learn how to engage more consciously in self-awareness and continuous development, adapt to personal and professional transitions, so that the insights and changes are cultivated in the future months and years. 

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Marie-Pier Bélanger MA, OGC, ACC
  • Coaching Leader | Leadership & Team Development

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