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Potential Assessment Solutions

Potential and Leadership Assessment Solutions

Our team of experts helps you select the best candidate, carry out their onboarding and develop their talents. Our support will have a significant impact on your talents’ professional development and your organization’s success.

Assessment Solutions Adapted to Your Needs and Context


Assessment for senior executives led by a team of senior consultants, focusing on strategic and business competencies tailored to the organization’s specific context

(20 personalized competencies)


Assessment tailored to the specific position and context combining a set of psychometric and behavioural tools

(20 personalized competencies)


Targeted assessment by job profiles combining a set of psychometric and behavioural tools

(11 predetermined competencies)

Online +

Assessment using an online solution

(D-TECK or Hogan)

Creating Value


the assessed individual

  1. Draw an objective profile of their talents, strengths and areas for improvement.
  2. Identify their contribution value in order to better focus on their talents.
  3. Gather the relevant information for their development or onboarding. 


the organization

  1. Know an individual’s conditions for success to increase their success rate.
  2. Determine the fit between the individual and the position and the organization’s values.
  3. Increase organizational performance.
  4. Have better retention and engagement. 

Our Assessment Solutions are designed for:

  • Managers and Professionals
  • Senior Management
Major national and international clients across industries
Potential and leadership assessments per year for different types of positions
Onboarding coaching mandates completed
Collaborators and experts to support you

A team of highly qualified experts

Our team comprises over 100 collaborators, including 80 psychology, coaching, career counselling and management professionals.

Our consultants hold a master’s or doctorate degree. The majority of them are good-standing members of a professional order and have completed advanced psychometrics training.

Our consultants combine a unique set of characteristics: a solid understanding of the business world and in-depth training on human behaviour and group dynamics.

A strategic partner
for our clients

We listen to our clients to understand their context and needs and be able to offer them the best solution.

In addition to our assessment process, Humance’s team of coaches can support your employees in reaching their full potential and help them fully and quickly meet the requirements of their role.

By using the data from our potential assessments and the information provided by our clients, we are able to determine team needs and organizational trends.

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