The CONNECTED Virtual Development Path

Helping Remote Leaders Stay Connected

Montreal, Thursday, April 8, 2021 – Humance is excited to launch CONNECTED, a virtual development path designed to help leaders support their teams in a remote work environment.

Dr. Laura Hambley is a partner at Humance and president of Work EvOHlution, a firm that has been specializing in remote leadership for over 20 years. According to her, “The past year has taught us that remote work has many advantages, but that it also comes with its share of challenges in terms of management and motivation. The question is no longer ‘When are we going back to the office?’ but rather ‘How will we go back to the office?’ Employees may want to return to the workplace, but they greatly appreciate being able to work from somewhere else. They will be more engaged and productive if the organization’s work strategy offers more flexibility.”

A pressing need for many

In addition to fostering the development of new skills, CONNECTED helps organizations undergo transformations by inspiring leaders to adjust their behaviours. The development path aims to equip organizations and teams to build a high‑performance and flexible workplace based on trust, a pillar of remote work. Adapted modes of communication and the recognition of professional and personal boundaries are part of the development path. Simple tools and concrete models are also provided.

Driving change

Designed in partnership with the Work EvOHlution leaders, CONNECTED is available in English and French ready to use. It is ideal for large groups, using a blended learning approach. This hybrid training method includes various complementary activities such as videos, hands-on challenges, audio clips, development work in pairs, and self-assessments. These virtual development paths can also be combined with concurrent activities such as a large kick-off event, experiential workshops, coaching, and many others for an even more profound and powerful impact.

Humance helps organizations drive performance through meaningful culture. The CONNECTED development path is part of this vision.


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Julie Carignan MASc, MPsych, Organizational Psychologist, CPHR
  • Partner | Leadership & Team Development

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