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What’s New in Talent Assessment

Relevance and innovation for better equipped organizations

Montreal, March 25, 2021 – The economic recovery, bolstered by the accelerated vaccine rollout, is characterized by steadily rising employment rates and the need to onboard resources properly (and often virtually). Humance strives to offer its clients relevant, simple, scalable, and comprehensive services. Accordingly, Humance is proud to launch new products and to welcome Martin Cloutier, organizational psychologist and partner responsible for talent assessment and onboarding.

Humance relies on a passionate team of assessment experts to deliver its solutions and has no fewer than 35 experienced consultants in the Montreal metropolitan area, Quebec City, Toronto, and Calgary.

Humance offers a comprehensive line of talent assessment products that are based on certified tried-and-tested solutions (Hogan, EPSI, etc.) and backed by 40 years of experience in assessments. The solutions come in four different products, i.e., Signature, Premium, Plus, and Go—plus the 360 Assessment solution. Group profiles and new onboarding and development accelerators that help develop potential are also available.

To better meet the needs of the market, solutions such as the Go and 360 are also available in autonomous, self-interpreting, and around‑the‑clock online formats. Based on the competencies in the Humance Competency Model, these tools include predetermined job profiles that include relevant competencies. These flexible tools can be adapted for specific needs.

Organizations can use the Competency Model (now available online) to create job profiles, generate interview questions, and design development plans.

To meet clients’ needs, Humance has invested heavily in security and state-of-the-art technology platforms.

Talent. Technology. Leadership.

For Humance, talent, technology and leadership are vectors that have the power to transform organizations’ culture and performance. Our assessment solutions are in line with this vision.

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Martin Cloutier MPsych, Organizational Psychologist
  • Partner | Talent Assessment & Onboarding

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