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Press Release | SPB Broadens its Offer and Becomes Humance

We believe that an organization’s culture can be a true indicator of its performance.

This is the vision that has driven SPB through the growth, development, and transformation we have experienced in recent years. Through a series of acquisitions, we have united into a team of consultants who, together, can have real influence on organizational performance.

Today, we are proud to present the result of this evolution: the joining together of Skillable, Camiré & Associates, Grisvert and SPB into a new entity, Humance. A highly strategic consulting firm that uses its business acumen to solve organizational and human challenges, Humance works at all levels to challenge the status quo and help organizations excel — and even transform themselves — by becoming more efficient.

We believe that culture is the path to performance.

The joining of our different brands strengthens our market position and clearly communicates our strategic shift to the industry. Becoming Humance is more than a name change — it’s a culture shift. The integration of Skillable, Camiré & Associates and Grisvert into SPB was more than a melding of companies and abilities; we were preparing for the emergence of Humance, a remarkable firm whose synergy of expertise will ensure the relevance and sustainability of organizations.

Humance: one brand, one voice, one culture.

A pioneering company. Engaged. Unifying.

Remarkable in every way!

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