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Pushing Each Other to Bring About Meaningful Change – CHPR Congress

October 23, 2018, Étienne Beaulieu, CHRP, and Julie Carignan, CHRP, will jointly lead the session Pushing each other to bring about meaningful change as part of the 2018 HR Congress Major Conferences. The event, organized by the Ordre des CRHA, is taking place at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on October 23 and 24.

Pushing each other to bring about meaningful change

In French only (Se provoquer pour vraiment changer les choses)

For years, we have been hearing about how important it is for HR to become more agile and innovative, and to be at the heart of organizational transformations to adapt to a changing environment. We need to humbly admit that we have made little progress collectively… What if we got it all wrong? What if, rather than optimizing processes and systems, we got back to what stimulates people, by expanding the field of possibility? What if we tried to proactively get all of an organization’s resources involved in its transformation, rather than relying exclusively on a small group of individuals, no matter how skilled or qualified they are? What if we spent less time managing human resources and more time being a spark for potential? What could we accomplish? Together, we will identify promising avenues for HR to achieve its goals. You will leave brimming with new ideas, ready to be a catalyst for organizational transformation.

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Étienne Beaulieu CPHR
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