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SPB Acquires Camiré & Associates

Together, we can build a solid, distinctive offer in coaching and leadership development

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, marriages of convenience are commonplace, marriages of the heart somewhat less so. After discovering our shared values – a bold vision, personalized approach and sincere desire to engage in teamwork with clients – SPB and Camiré & Associates decided to follow their hearts and forge the future together.

For André Camiré, founder of Camiré & Associates and its leader since 2004, the acquisition by SPB will ensure long-term sustainability and expand the reach of his practice: “Together, we can offer a more complete, powerful response to the challenges facing our clients.”

For Julie Carignan, partner and head of professional practices at SPB, the foundations have been laid for this initiative to succeed: “The spark in our eyes as soon as we started talking about leadership development and feedback from our common clients pointing to the strong potential for synergy are clear signs of a promising union. We are convinced that in joining forces, we will consolidate our position as a key player in leadership development.”

About Camiré & Associates

For close to 15 years, Camiré & Associates has been supporting middle and senior management as they step out of their comfort zone through a unique, proven approach to coaching. A pioneer in executive coaching, the consulting firm uses a personalized approach to prompt action and maximize each person’s potential. 

About SPB

Fuelled by a culture of agility and innovation for over 38 years, the SPB team, made up of over 80 professionals, helps leaders and their organizations develop growth and performance strategies and identify, develop and mobilize talent to achieve their business objectives.

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