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Humance Go Assessment: Optimization of norms

Montreal, September 15, 2021
Humance is proud to announce a significant optimization to the norms of its Go assessments (formerly known as D-TECK Reports) to offer its customers relevant assessment solutions tailored to current market needs.  

This improvement was made possible thanks to the compilation of data from more than 11,000 Go assessments conducted over the past 5 years for various job profiles. Upon completing a comprehensive data analysis, our R&D team was able to create even more representative reference groups. This will allow for a more refined interpretation of the assessment results as you will be able to detect what sets this individual apart from people assessed for the same job category.

This means that results obtained as of September 30 will allow you to compare an individual with a pool of individuals previously assessed for the same type of profile. More specifically, if you assess a person for an analyst position using the Humance Go Technical Professional report, and they score high on the skill Depth of Analysis, that person now stands out from the others who were assessed using a Professional norm. The creation of reference groups (norms) that are representative of a pool of individuals is fundamental in psychometry. 

What are Humance Go assessment customers expecting?

Here is a summary of the changes you will see starting September 30: 

Available profiles Reference group used before
September 30, 2021
Reference group used as of
September 30, 2021
Senior management Global norm Senior management norm
Team Leader Global norm Manager norm
Safe Leader Global norm Manager norm
Technical Professional Global norm Professional norm
Professional consulting role Global norm Professional norm
Project Management Global norm Professional norm
Protection of property and persons Global norm Service and support norm
Industrial Support Global norm Service and support norm
Sale Global norm Service and support norm
Administrative Support Global norm Service and support norm
Customer Service Global norm Service and support norm
Development Index Global norm Development Index norm
What should current customers expect from customized Humance Go reports?

Since customized profiles meet specific needs, Humance will contact each customer using a customized report to present the possible optimizations.

Humance Go assessment in a nutshell:
  • full autonomy  
  • instant results
  • certified solution based on over 40 years of assessment experience
  • results derived from algorithms that have been developed from data collected in potential assessments conducted by our assessment experts and validated by our psychometry experts
  • smooth experience for the assessed individuals as they can complete the test sequence on a single platform 
  • assessment by skills, not personality traits

To purchase Go assessments, please visit our partner’s online store. For more information or if you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or visit our website. 

At Humance, we see talent, technology and leadership as vectors of growth that have the power to transform the culture and performance of organizations. Our assessment solutions are part of this vision. 

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Martin Cloutier MPsych, Organizational Psychologist
  • Partner | Talent Assessment & Onboarding

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