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Generating and sustaining a return on your training investments

Custom e-learning solutions

Montréal, Thursday, January 27, 2022 — This week, Humance is pleased to launch its Custom e-learning for organizations solution.

Loyalty tool

Skills development is a tool that enables organizations to tackle their challenges and generate employee engagement. Offering e-learning is essential to organizations that care about developing resources, but training also needs to be accessible, customized, relevant and personalized.

Our value added

With our well-established expertise in techno-pedagogy, organizational psychology and multimedia production, we create online training suited to your needs. The content can be hosted within your internal systems (LMS, intranet, website) or on the Humance platform.  

We use best practices in adult education and base our efforts on the latest research in neuroscience, using storytelling techniques that have impact. We work hand in hand: your teams, your leaders, and our experts.

Driving change

At Humance, we help organizations drive performance through meaningful, engaging cultures. By creating learning opportunities, we bring about lasting behavioural change that promotes the adoption of innovative practices.

Learn more: [email protected]

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