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Ève-Marie Poulin appointed Partner at Humance

We are pleased to announce that Ève-Marie Poulin has been appointed Partner, Talent Assessment & Onboarding. In her new role, she will help consolidate our expertise and expand our offer of talent assessment solutions. She will also continue her current duties with various major clients.  

A certified coach with a PhD in organizational psychology, Ève-Marie joined Humance in 2011. With extensive experience identifying and developing leadership, she helps teams and managers face challenges and unlock their full potential. Highly focused on her clients, her approach centres around listening and creating partnerships to drive human capital. Her expertise and keen understanding of client needs and business issues contribute to the development of organizations. 

Julie Carignan, Partner at Humance, is delighted by the appointment. “Ève-Marie fully embodies the meaning behind our firm’s name—human and performance—and our culture. Her experience as a high-performance athlete is reflected in her approach, and her passion, discipline, empathy, and authenticity come through in each of her interventions.”  

“It’s a privilege to have Ève-Marie on our team. She will play a key role in the positioning of our talent assessment solutions and our product portfolio. We are confident that she will help the division grow,” said Martin Cloutier, Partner in the Talent Assessment & Onboarding division.  

“I am proud and delighted. Improving people’s professional lives by helping them align their talents, organizational challenges, and the needs of the market is what drives me. Humance’s desire to continually reinvent itself—and its interesting mandates—mean that I am in for a valuable and promising adventure,” said Ève-Marie Poulin.  

Humance, with its 40+ years of experience in talent assessment, is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve. Through assessments, organizations can optimize onboarding and performance, and strategically manage and reinforce their corporate culture. Humance is a partner of choice for leaders and teams seeking to harness their full potential. 

We encourage you to reach out to her. 

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