Break the Isolation with Group Coaching

As humans, we have an innate need to maintain social ties. This was made clear at the outset of the pandemic, during lockdown, when tremendous efforts were made to stay connected through virtual means. We saw people connecting more than ever through impromptu meetings, virtual coffee chats and happy hours, and other inventive outlets.

While summer was busy with vacations, people were able to connect with others outside of work, generating renewed energy. Now that the fall season and the back to school/back to work routine are re-established, we are noticing that this once proactive effort to connect with others has fallen somewhat to the wayside.

Just over seven months into the pandemic, well into the second wave, some people are becoming more worried, tired, disconnected, and discouraged. As a result, workplace engagement is suffering, and there is a lot of movement in the market with a surprising number of people changing jobs. According to a recent survey by Hays, 49% of employees in Canada are considering a career change.[1] Hence, even in a pandemic, organizations have to think about talent retention and engagement.

More than ever, particularly as we work from home, we need to be able to get together to discuss common challenges and to feel supported by our organization and our colleagues. Yet, many employers are still (understandably) functioning in survival mode, leading to less emphasis on developmental initiatives that in the past gathered colleagues together to share experiences and ideas to support each other. Prioritizing such initiatives could help organizations respond to these challenges and offer employees the guidance and support they need in this time of great uncertainty.

Virtual group coaching is a powerful way to bring people together in a cohort to create a safe place to share and learn, ensure proximity, and maintain engagement.

How group coaching can bring connection and alignment to your team from a distance:

  • Helps with motivating teams at a distance
  • Creates empathy, solidarity, and support during times of uncertainty
  • Supports onboarding initiatives by helping new employees make connections and build relationships while in a virtual mode
  • Supports performance management while in a virtual world
  • Normalizes feelings of stress for oneself and for the team
  • Engages a cohort of leaders developing similar capabilities
  • Breaks down departmental and functional silos
  • Accelerates the rate of change adoption across the organization

 Our Humance coaches are equipped to bring your key players together to ensure you are driving performance through meaningful culture.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to connect and offer our support.

[1] Hays Specialist Recruitment Canada. 2020 Hays Canada Salary Guide

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Chloe Blacker MSc
  • Consultant | Leadership & Team Development

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