A meaningful culture has the power to transform organizations and drive their performance.

Does your culture have the power to transform your organization and drive its performance?

Organizations with a strong culture outperform their competitors financially by more than

In this period of change, know that Humance is there for you and that our experts have thought of innovative ideas to help you deal with the situation.

A meaningful culture has the power to transform organizations and drive their performance.

Humance is a business and human-driven consulting firm. Highly strategic, we work at all levels to challenge the status quo and help organizations drive performance through meaningful culture.

  • Organizational Transformation Strategy
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Talent Assessment & Onboarding
Develop inspiring
Give meaning and
purpose to your
Mobilize your collective
Tackle your barriers to

We believe that culture is the path to performance.

That’s why we support teams and leaders in taking ownership of organizational goals to ensure their relevance and sustainability.


The challenges you face can jeopardize your organization.
How can you better prepare for them?

More so, how can you leverage those challenges as growth drivers?


  • How to maintain a high level of agility to allow your organization to anticipate market developments?
  • How to establish a culture of innovation within your organization?
  • How to reinvent your organization to ensure its growth?
  • Where to start to set up a new business model?
  • How to identify and maximize anticipated benefits of a merger or acquisition?
  • How to identify your strategic issues and take action?
  • How to successfully transfer your business without damaging it?
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  • How will your reorganization increase your ability to deliver?
  • How to increase the speed at which your teams adapt during restructuring?
  • How to increase agility and efficiency within your organization while creating purpose?
  • How to make work climate a driver for your organization?
  • How to implement effective results-based management?
  • How to defuse conflict within a team?
  • How to review or implement HR processes that are efficient and consistent with the goals of your organization?


  • How to facilitate the integration of new technologies?
  • What will going digital require within the organization?
  • How to accelerate the adoption of a significant change?
  • How to change organizational culture so it becomes a performance driver?
  • How to successfully carry out a reorganization or restructuring within your organization?
  • How to maximize remote team management?

Leadership development

  • How to develop leadership within your organization so that it supports your business goals and mobilizes individuals?
  • How to accelerate the mastery of new skills by your managers or employees?
  • How to help your employees and managers develop new behaviours or skills?
  • How to go from "being a team" to "teaming up"?
  • What to do to retain and stimulate your star employees?
  • How to harness the power of collective intelligence within an organization?

for talent

  • How to ensure a potential candidate’s fit with a specific position within your organization?
  • How to identify the key areas that an individual must develop to perform better in their position?
  • How to successfully onboard new employees within your organization?
  • How do you keep your employees and managers happy?
  • How to increase employee and manager engagement and leverage their mobilization as a performance driver?


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