A meaningful culture has the power to transform organizations and drive their performance.

Does your culture have the power to transform your organization and drive its performance?

Organizations with a strong culture outperform their competitors financially by more than

Challenge the status quo and transform your organization.

A meaningful culture has the power to transform organizations and drive their performance.

Humance is a business and human-driven consulting firm. Highly strategic, we work at all levels to challenge the status quo and help organizations drive performance through meaningful culture.

Develop inspiring
Give meaning and
purpose to your
Mobilize your collective
Tackle your barriers to

We believe that culture is the path to performance.

That’s why we support teams and leaders in taking ownership of organizational goals to ensure their relevance and sustainability.


The challenges you face can jeopardize your organization.
How can you better prepare for them?

More so, how can you leverage those challenges as growth drivers?


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Qu’est-ce que la

performance ?

Chez Humance, lorsque nous parlons de performance, nous parlons de performance durable.

La performance durable d’une organisation se traduit par les résultats qu’elle obtient sur les principaux éléments clés requis pour se développer et rester concurrentiel.

Qu’est-ce que la

culture ?

La culture organisationnelle est un ensemble de valeurs, de croyances et d’attentes partagées par les employés et les gestionnaires d’une entreprise. 

Elle influence le comportement au travail des employés et gestionnaires et ce, sur une base quotidienne.