Leadership and Team Developpement

Drive performance
through a learning culture

We help organizations develop their talent, improve their performance, and get leaders and teams to excel to achieve their business objectives.

Our approach helps advance practices, develop a common language, stimulate engagement and mobilization, carry out transformation initiatives, and develop growth-driven, engaged cultures.​

Development path

Our customized paths combine a range of development activities and learning methods to increase retention among coaching participants and generate lasting behavioural change.

Comprised of development activities in the workplace and microlearning, our paths support and measure knowledge, behavioural change, and the performance of learners.


As learning specialists, we help organizations create and deploy unique development paths that meet their needs and business objectives.

Virtual suport for managers path

More than e-learning, our work-integrated development approach combines online learning with on-the-job activities. Supported by Humance's technological platform, the approach optimizes information retention through spaced, rhythmic repetition and allows the learner to develop when the time is right for them.

ENSEMBLE path – Manage a team through turbulent times

This structured, six-week, virtual path is designed to help managers navigate the storm with their team.

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) path – Understanding for more effective action

Become a champion of change in EDI in your organization.

Front-line manager path

Develop key pillars for your role to manage a high-performance team.

Remote leadership essentials path

Stay tuned!

Alone or as part of flash interventions or development paths, our workshops, conferences and experiential events are unparalleled mobilization tools.

Interactive, participative, and collaborative, they are catalysts for change. They are designed to generate awareness and inspire behavioural change. ​

Workshops, conferences, and large gatherings

Leadership coaching

Our coaching team guides your employees, individually or in groups, to fully develop their potential and respond effectively to the demands and challenges of their role.

Coaching can be part of a targeted effort or complement a development path. ​


Break the isolation with Group Coaching


Accélérez le développement individuel de vos talents. Amenez-les à se dépasser. Développez leurs compétences.​ Et préparez-les à devenir les leaders de demain. ​

de groupe

Favorisez le renforcement des compétences. Amenez les membres d’une même équipe à travailler en synergie. Générez plus de performance.​


Améliorez la collaboration et la dynamique d’équipe. Renforcez la cohésion. Développez un esprit de solidarité.


Positionnez-vous en tant que leader. Développez votre branding professionnel. Favorisez votre rayonnement et augmentez votre influence.

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Break the isolation with Group Coaching


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