Émilie Ruffin appointed Leader of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)


We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Émilie Ruffin as Humance’s leader of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) 

Émilie has dedicated the past twenty years of her career to facilitating intercultural relationships to continually bring out everyone’s full potential. Her various responsibilities working in public and government organizations reinforced and sharpened her expertise in diversity inclusion. 

She has skillfully handled many mandates founded on relationships of constructive collaboration with First Nations and Inuit, immigrants, women, and people with disabilities.  

She is very committed and uses her political acumen and strategic and engagement skills to develop and sustain various forms of cultural transformation. She shares her expertise and her caring and innovative approach with several organizations that aspire to become more human-centred, efficient, and sustainable while highlighting their culture and helping them become more inclusive. 

Julie Carignan, a partner who oversees EDI at Humance, is excited to welcome Émilie: “We are committed to our ongoing mission of driving equity, diversity, and inclusion within organizations in the most responsible and sustainable way possible, while responding to increasing demand. Émilie’s arrival as EDI Leader expands the reach of our cutting-edge research and intervention expertise and contributes to the development of our highly diverse teams in our offices across Canada.” 

Humance leads its clients through the strategic EDI positioning of their management teams and the design and deployment of initiatives targeting awareness, training, and cultural development. Humance also helps integrate EDI into all HR and management practices, as well as employer brand. 

We are committed to implementing a variety of inclusive practices in all our services, including potential assessments, coaching, development paths, team-building activities, business environment analyses, as well as strategic and organizational transformation mandates. 

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Julie Carignan MASc, MPsych, Organizational Psychologist, CPHR
  • Partner | Leadership & Team Development

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